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As parents, we cannot help but worry for those who are most precious to us. We also cannot help but hope for a bright future for our children, for their health and happiness. We need to rely on others, specifically medical professionals, to help us safely bring our sons and daughters into this world. But what can we do when a doctor or nurse makes a mistake that leaves an innocent child suffering from a serious birth injury?  

We will help you fight for civil justice on behalf of newborns and children who have suffered harm due to obstetrical malpractice. We know the profound impact that birth injuries can have on a child and his or her family, and we pursue maximum financial compensation to provide the best care – for life. Let us provide the experienced counsel and compassionate support you need during this difficult time.


Over the years we have earned a reputation for honesty, integrity and results.  If you, a family member or friend has been the victim or obstetrical malpractice and suffered a birth injury, please contact us to discuss the details at 877-287-8203 or info@friedlerlaw.com

We will answer your questions, evaluate your claim and explain your options at no charge.  Our pledge is to provide responsive, superior legal representation.


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